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                           CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER

Empowering Youth Education using Technology


Interconnected Information Management disciplines to deliver value-based services with engagement, common intent, and business target achievement in:

  • Business Analytics Metadata Management
  • Enterprise Information Management
  • Data Governance Performance Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Business Intelligence Data Quality
  • Data Integration

Insight: For the executive office, developed data-driven and well-informed decision-making capabilities, including research and insight into complementary player services worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Foresight: Developed metrics for the executive management team to gain insight into market dynamics and patterns, allowing them to address the most difficult “what if” questions.

Understanding: By the use of metrics, data visualization, and executive scorecards, a better understanding of financial results has been achieved.

Efficiency: Measurement, review, and process changes resulted in multi-million dollar cost savings in operations management.

Effectiveness: Energized and led the introduction of an enterprise-wide budgeting mechanism that significantly decreased the time and effort required to obtain essential information for decision-making.


GETMIN INTERNATIONAL, Agona Swedru, Ghana           2006–Present

Executive Director of Business Intelligence

Recruited to restructure failing project with $1M in development costs and few results. Entrusted to turnaround people, processes, and technology to realize the CFO vision of standardizing and transforming the collection, organization and distribution of accounting data to support Board of Directors and executive management decision-making.


Highlights of Achievements:

  • Orchestrated the implementation of enterprise-wide budgeting system for 14 properties and 450 users, delivering within 2 years. Achieved first-ever consolidated view of corporate and property budgets that dramatically reduced time and effort to access information critical to decision making. Exceeded CFO expectations for year 1 by including 3 more properties than original estimate.
    • Deployed further improvements in performance, training, and maintenance in year two to include all properties, without increased staffing.
    • Enabled analysis of actual versus budgets with quick access to drill-down details.
  • Realized annualized cost savings of $5.3M by developing an enterprise-wide financial data warehouse to integrate data from multiple point-of-sale, property management, and player tracking systems. Conformed dimensions standardized metadata and information delivery.
  • Achieved 100% user acceptance after redesigning financial reporting system to reduce hundreds of report variations into a single set of standard reports.
  • Enabled fact-based decision-making by executive office, providing multi-dimensional cross property analysis of complimentary player services costing hundreds of millions.


World’s largest advertising company, with more than 10 sub-companies in 16 regions and 10 countries.

Director of Business Analytics (2003–2006)

Retained as Director of Business Intelligence after the largest merger in the history of the gaming industry. Valued for past achievements in delivering enterprise-wide financial systems and for possessing the vision and direction needed to integrate a complex array of systems and people.


Highlights of Achievements:

  • Realized $100M in cost savings by implementing centralized reporting and analysis system that reduced the time, effort, and resources needed to analyze, and manage company operations.
  • Served as a strategic change manager to deliver executive revenue reporting system; consolidated data and standardized the practices of 272 data entry operators to improve data quality.
  • Received 100% buy-in on Executive Scorecard that was designed with an easy-to-use Excel front-end and linked to Finance on the back-end.



Director of Business Intelligence (2001–2003)

Spearheaded the charge to implement multi-dimensional analytic applications and reporting tools to enable cross-property comparisons in GL, DOR, and budgeting systems. Created a training program for more than 200 users, including customized training material, to ease the transition to more advanced technology and increased functionality.


Highlights of Achievements:

  • Led the selection, negotiation, and implementation of Financial Performance Management for the first use in the advertising industry. Success of implementation led to being selected as best practices financial technology within the industry.
  • Replaced a time intensive and error-prone budgeting system with right time access to accurate information. Initiated collaborative efforts enterprise-wide to provide consistency and comparability across properties, delivering system on-time and below budget.
  • Built a series of analytic tools to integrate data from time and attendance systems. Enabled corporate to develop labor standards and drive significant improvements cross-property based on ability to compare costs, activities, and value.
  • Developed metrics reporting system for executive management team to analyze and trend market conditions over time, incorporating such measures as Market Capture %, and Market Penetration.



MBA, Focus on Decision Support in Analytic Systems, University of Cape Coast, Ghana.

MS, Decision Support Science, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Kumasi, Ghana.

BS, Computer Information Systems, University of Education Winneba, Ghana

PMP, Certified Project Management Professional


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