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While the writers of JOBSLINKGHANA.COM follow the most ethical practices when managing digital content, our disclaimer restricts the scope of our liability and releases JOBSLINKGHANA.COM and its content creators from any claims resulting from content on our website.
We make no promises or assurances about the content or services available on this website.
We also disclaim all responsibility for any negative impact that any content or service provided on this website could have on any individual, organization, or brand.
Unless otherwise noted, we do not claim to be advertising employment on behalf of any organization.
Unless otherwise noted, we do not claim to create educational guides or provide any service on behalf of any organization.



We can not guarantee the accuracy of job ads because they are sourced from newspapers and credible company websites. We are not responsible for any losses or inconvenience incurred as a result of following Job advertisements on our website.

JOBSLINKGHANA.COM has no influence over and is unable to decide whether or not submitted material is genuine. Although the authors of JOBSLINKGHANA.COM conduct themselves in the most ethical manner possible when dealing with digital content, we are unable to determine whether submitted and created content infringes on any copyright or is capable of causing any damage to the organizations listed in the Job advertisements.

Intellectual Property and Content Removal

If you discover that any content on JOBSLINKGHANA.COM infringes on your copyright or has a negative impact on your brand or organization, send an email to info@jobslinkghana.com or send a WhatsApp message to +233550590170 with the subject line “Content Removal” and a detailed description of whatever content infringes on your copyright, brand, or organization.
Content removal can take anywhere from 24 hours to a month, depending on the investigation.

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